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The Frazier Schiefer Compressometer®

The Compressometer was developed at the National Institute of Standards and Technology and is manufactured for the Commercial Market by the Frazier Precision Instrument Company, Inc. as one of a complete line of testing instruments for the textile and related industries.  It is currently in wide use throughout these industries and is probably the most versatile thickness gauge on the market.

The Compressometer is especially suited for evaluating the thickness, compressibility and resilience of most materials where observations are desired at more than a single compressive load.  The materials for which it is especially suited include all textiles, rubber, felt, nonwovens, paper, coated materials, films, and similar materials.  It indicates the thickness directly for a specific applied pressure.  By plotting the thicknesses at specific increasing and decreasing pressures, a compression and recovery curve can be obtained.  From the Compression and Recovery Curve several very important and critical properties may be calculated, such as compressibility, compressional resilience, tendency to matt under compression, ability to recover when compressed, and other qualities related to comfort characteristics.  The use of the Frazier Compressometer thus provides an excellent means of describing tactile and kinaesthetic characteristics quantitatively, such as feel, hand softness, hardness, warmth and many other qualities.

Some representative advantages and uses of the FrazierCompressometer are as follows:

1. Measures thickness of materials at different pressures.

2. Applied pressure can be varied from 0.005 pounds/sq inch to 300.0 pounds/sq inch (depending on model). Metric calibrations available (grams/square centimeter).

3. Large throat to take relatively large samples.

4. Unmatched for convenience of use and highly accurate.

5. Research – Pressure may be conveniently varied over a wide range to test the compression and recovery characteristics under standard conditions as well as at unconventional and/or severe conditions.

6. Quality Control – Same instrument may be used for a very wide range of materials.

The Frazier Compressometer complies with the conditions set forth in: ASTM D374, D885, D1117, D1777, D461, D418, D645, D5199; DART 120; Federal Test Method Standard #191, Method 5030; ANSI Standard L14.137-1964 and FHA Bulletin No. UM44b. The Compressometer is available in two models: The Standard Model, which can produce pressures at the presser foot from 0.005 up to 50 pounds/sq inch, and the Heavy Duty Model which can produce pressures up to 300 pounds/sq inch.  The latter is especially useful when firmer materials are to be tested.  Both models are provided with three standard presser feet and other sizes are available on special order.

Both models are furnished with calibration charts for a quick setting of the required pressure.

Compressometer – Presser Foot Sizes and Ranges

Presser Foot SizePresser Foot SizeFSC-S – Standard Spring ModelFSC-S – Standard Spring ModelFSC-S – Standard Spring ModelFSC-H – Heavy Spring ModelFSC-H – Heavy Spring ModelFSC-H – Heavy Spring Model
Basic SizeConverted SizeChart Range in lb/in^2Chart Range in gm/cm^2Chart Range in gm/in^2Chart Range in lb/in^2Chart Range in gm/cm^2Chart Range in gm/in^2
0.25 inch dia.6.35 mm dia.1.0 to 50.0 ^80 to 4000 1.0 to 300 ^80 to 25000 
0.375 inch dia.9.525 mm dia.0.5 to 25.0 ^50 to 2000 0.5 to 200 ^50 to 16000 
0.50 inch dia.12.7 mm dia.0.25 to 10.0 ^40 to 800 0.25 to 100 ^40 to 8000 
0.25 square inch (0.564″ dia.)14.33 mm dia.0.20 to 4.0016 to 330 0.20 to 30.020 to 2500 
20.0 mm0.787 inch dia. 10 to 300 ^  10 to 3000 ^ 
1 inch dia.25.4 mm dia.0.10 to 3.00 ^10 to 250 0.10 to 25.0 ^10 to 2000 
1 square inch (1.128″ dia.)28.65 mm dia.0.10 to 3.00 ^9.0 to 250 0.10 to 20.0 ^9.0 to 1600 
2 inch dia.50.8 mm dia.0.02 to 0.80 ^2.00 to 60 0.025 to 6.00 ^2.00 to 500 
2.25 in dia.57.15 mm dia.0.02 to 0.70 ^2.00 to 4010 to 1000 ^0.02 to 5.00 ^2.00 to 40010 to 2500 ^
3 inch dia.76.2 mm dia.0.01 to 0.30 ^1.00 to 25 0.01 to 3.00 ^1.00 to 250 
5 inch dia.127 mm dia.0.005 to 0.10 ^0.40 to to 8.0 0.005 to 1.00 ^0.40 to 80 

* Denotes custom size presser foot; any custom size up to 6 inch (152.4mm) dia available at an extra charge.

Calibration Charts are available in pound/square inch or grams/square centimeter for all presser feet sizes.

Custom Charts are available (example grams/square inch) at an extra charge.

Existing units with analog dial indicators can be refitted with digital indicators – call for Details

For measuring thickness (only) under a single set applied load see: The Frazier Schiefer Thickness Gage.

For measuring thickness of install materials such as carpet see: The Frazier Schiefer Carpet Thickness Gage.

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