F-FAP-F3 – Frazier 3000 Differential Pressure Automated Air Permeability Testing Instrument

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The Frazier 3000 Differential Pressure Air Permeability Tester is our automated model with computerized control and data collection.  The Frazier 3000 is most useful where higher quantities of daily tests are required and some sample pretesting preparation is required.  The user loads the specimen and clicks “Start” on the computer screen and while the test is automatically being performed, they can be preparing the next sample for testing. Parameters can be set in the software by the quality manager so that a reading is not taken until they are met by the user and the testing instrument. It can be operated in manual, computerized data collection, or automatic modes and has a testing range of 0 to 21″ of differential water pressure* and 5000 CFM/SF of airflow*. This model requires a Windows TM based computer to operate in computerized data collection or automatic modes.

Compact/Mobile Version of Frazier 3000


*All models can have extended differential pressure and airflow ranges with the appropriate add-ons. Contact us for details.

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