United States General Services Administration

Alphabetic List of Federal Standards on GSA Website

FED-STD-141/4493.1 - Sag Resistance (Baker Method)

FED-STD-141/4494.1 - Sag Test (Multinotch Blade)

FED-STD-141/6192.1 - Abrasion Resistance (Taber Abrader)

FED-STD-191/4308 - Abrasion Resistance of Yarn, Thread, and Light Cordage; Uniform-Abrasion (Schiefer Method)

FED-STD-191/5030 - Thickness of Textile Materials; Determination of

FED-STD-191/5308 - Abrasion Resistance of Cloth; Uniform Abrasion (Schiefer) Method

FED-STD-191/5309.1 - Abrasion Resistance of Textile Webbing

FED-STD-191/5450 - Permeability to Air; Cloth; Calibrated Orifice Method

FED-STD-191/5452 - Permeability to Air; Cloth; Falling Cylinder Method

FED-STD-191/5516 - Water Resistance of Cloth; Water Permeability, Hydrostatic Pressure Method

FED-STD-191/7308 - Abrasion Resistance; Socks, Hosiery, and Knitted Cloth; Uniform-Abrasion (Schiefer Method)

FED-STD-228/1431 - Size, Conductor

FED-STD-228/2211 - Abrasion Resistance

FED-STD-311/1021.1 - Thickness, Specimen

FED-STD-311/4411 - Compressibility

FED-STD-311/8011.2 - Permeability, Water Vapor

FED-STD-501/2231 - Size, Dial Gage

FED-STD-501/2321 - Size, Bench Micrometer

FED-STD-501/2411 - Squareness, Tile, T-Square Method

FED-STD-501/2421 - Squareness, Tile, Dialing Gage Method

FED-STD-501/3001 - Rheological Tests, General

FED-STD-501/7611 - Weight

FED-STD-601/12141 - Compression Resistance, Cellular Rubber Oscillograph