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Frazier Schiefer Uniform Abrasion Tester - Advanced Predetermining Counter Retrofit to Standard Tester

Retrofit Installation of Advanced Predetermining Counter, when the abrasion tester case has no flats milled on its side for the mounting bracket. (It is critical that the gears are mated properly – not too lose or too tight.):

1. Mount the gear housing first. Remove plug so you can see how the gears mate.

2. Set the counter and bracket assembly on top of the case and hold against the side. Move Counter and bracket assembly along the side of the case to mate the gears and line up the gear shaft so that it is clear in the housing.

3. You may have to put shims or washers between counter and bracket so that the gears mate properly.

4. Spot and center punch the three top holes. Drill and tap 10-32.

5. Remove gear housing.

6. Place counter and bracket assembly in position and anchor with the three 10-32 screws provided. (Note: It maybe necessary to put a shim between the bracket and the top of the case to elevate the gear shaft to the proper mating height.)

7. Spot and drill and tap 10-32 the three (3) holes in the side of the case through the holes in the bracket.

8. Remount gear housing, grease gears and install end cap.

9. You can also place shims or washers between counter and bracket if necessary.

For instructions on wiring or using the counter see the instructions from the counter manufacturer.