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Frazier Schiefer Uniform Abrasion Accessories

Abrasion Tester Accessories & Part Numbers
Accessory # Part # Link to Accessory Photo Pages Accessory Name Accessory Description

Model #:

Standard Schiefer Abrasion Tester Standard Schiefer Abrasion Testing Machine, including motor 110V 60 Hz motor (220V 50hz or 60 hz available), cam for lifting abradant, cam for lifting specimen clamp assembly, resettable counter, ball-bearing counterbalancing yoke and counterweight, and sensitive microswitch to automaticall stop the machine when a tension suspended speciman has been abraded to a destructive endpoint.

Model #:

Advanced Schiefer Abrasion Tester Same FSUA-S but replaces standard resettable counter with electronic predetermining shutoff counter.

Model #:

Wet Setup Schiefer Abrasion Tester Same FSUA-A and also includes a setup for abrasion of wet specimens (call or email us for details).
  FSUA-APC Advanced Electronic Predetermining Shutoff Counter Electronic predetermining shutoff counter - can be added to existing Standard Frazier Schiefer Abrasion Units but requires modification to housing (must be sent back to our plant)
2 FSUA-Acc002 Constant Tensioning Specimen Holder Clamp for woven fabrics, nonwovens or (specimens that need constant tensioning), including constant tensioning base and mounting template.
3 FSUA-Acc003 Spring Steel Blade Abradant Head Spring steel blade abradant head.
100 FSUA-Acc100 Ball Bearing Abradant Head Ball bearing abradant head.
4 FSUA-Acc004   Abradant Clamp Clamp for abradants such as cloth, emerypaper, sandpaper, etc.
5 FSUA-Acc005   Leather Abradant Leather Abradant for matting and crushing tests of pile fabrics, carpets, and rugs.
6 FSUA-Acc006 Presser Feet Plastic Presser Feet: 1/2" dia., 1" dia., 1-1/4" dia., 1-1/2" dia., and 2 inches in diameter.
7 FSUA-Acc007   Abradant Weights Set of abradant weights, (one qty.) 1-lb, (two qty.) 2-lb, and (one qty.) 5-lb.
8 FSUA-Acc008   Solid Cylinder Clamps Clamps for solid cylinders, such as plastics; 1/4" dia., 1/2" dia., 3/4" dia., and 1" diameter.
9 FSUA-Acc009   Tensioning Base Tensioning base for use with clamps (acc#10, acc#11, and acc#12) and tension weights (acc#13) .
10 FSUA-Acc010   Over-Edge Seam Fabric Clamp Special fabric clamp for use with base (acc#9) for testing over edge seams, etc.
11 FSUA-Acc011   Light Weight Clamp Light weight clamp for woven and knitted fabrics (must be used with base acc#9).
12 FSUA-Acc012   Light Weight Clamp Light weight clamp for heel and toe of socks and for wet abrasion tests of knitted and woven fabrics (must be used with base acc#9).
13 FSUA-Acc013 Tensioning Wights Set of (two qty.) 2.5 lb tensioning weights for use with base (acc#9).
14 FSUA-Acc014   Clamp Clamp for carpets, rugs, and thick felts.
15 FSUA-Acc015 Thickness Indicator Thickness indicator for specimens of carpets, rugs, and thick felts, etc.
16 FSUA-Acc016 Cross-cut Spring Steel Blade Abradant Head Cross-cut spring steel blade abradant head for plastics.
17 FSUA-Acc017 Cross-cut Tungsten Tool Steel Abradant Head Cross-cut tungsten tool steel abradant head for coated fabrics.
18 FSUA-Acc018 Carboloy Rod Abradant Head Carboloy rod abradant head for rubber.
19 FSUA-Acc019 Thick Specimen Mounting Jig Jig for mounting carpet, rug, and thick felt specimens.
20 FSUA-Acc020

Yarn, Thread, Cord Testing Clamps Clamps for testing yarns, threads, and cords.
21 FSUA-Acc021   Shaft Thread Gender Changers Adapters to permit the use of the abradants on the specimen shaft and presser feet on the abradant shaft.
22 FSUA-Acc022   Accessory #22 - Specimen Clamp Clamp for holding block of wood specimen, sponge, etc.
23 FSUA-Acc023   Accessory #23 - Specimen Clamp Clamp for holding cellulose sponge yarns, fabric edges, etc.
24 FSUA-Acc024   Accessory #24 - Light Weight Clamp Very light weight clamp for rubber, Change in weight of specimen can be accurately measured.
25 FSUA-Acc025   Accessory #25 - Light Weight Clamp Light weight clamp for furs, etc. Change in weight of specimen can be accurately measured.
26 FSUA-Acc026   Accessory #26 - Clamp Clamp and jig for abrading 2 inch diameter plastics disk plane and parallel to a known thickness for very precise dielectric measurements.
27 FSUA-Acc027  

Accessory #27 - Clamp

Clamp for enamel felt base floor coverings for detergency tests.
28 FSUA-Acc028 Plastic Nylon Brush Plastic nylon brush, to fit in adapter (acc#29), for detergency tests of enamel floor coverings.
29 FSUA-Acc029

Accessory #29 - Adapter for Acc#28

Adapter for nylon brush abradant (acc#28).
30 FSUA-Acc030   Accessory #30 - Clamp Clamp for frosted glass distributor of synthetic soil on fabric for detergency tests.
31 FSUA-Acc031   Accessory #31 - Clamp Clamp for holding fabric specimen to be uniformly soiled for detergency tests.
32 FSUA-Acc032   Capacitor Capacitor as described in NIST (NBS) Research Paper RP 1988, exclusive of capacitance bridge.
101 FSUA-Acc101 Basin Wet basin for catching liquid.
102 FSUA-Acc102

Special MMM Holder Special MMM Holder (made to order) (specifications may vary from photos)
103 FSUA-Acc103

Special MMM Holder Special MMM Holder (made to order) (specifications may vary from photos)

Transport Case  

For additional accessory combinations see: Testing Configurations