The FrazierTM Schiefer Thickness Gauge

[formerly The Frazier NBS (U.S. National Bureau of Standards) Thickness Gage]

The Frazier Precision Instrument Company offers a Carpet Thickness Gauge that was especially developed by the National Institute of Standards & Technology for measuring the thickness of rugs, carpets and other materials.  The thickness is a direct indication of quality or amount of wear experienced in use and during a laboratory wear test.

Frazier Schiefer Carpet Thickness Gauge

Frazier Schiefer Carpet Thickness Gage (new model with digital indicator is now available)

Frazier Schiefer Thickness Gage - Standard Model (new model with digital indicator is now available)

Accessories and Information about Digital Indicators used in the Frazier Schiefer Thickenss Gauges

The Frazier Schiefer Thickness Gauge is available in two models - the Carpet Thickness Gauge and a Standard Thickness Gauge.  These instruments are used for determining the thickness of rugs, carpets, woven and knitted cloths, nonwovens, rubber, felt, sponge, blankets, pile and napped cloths, narrow cloths, webbings, tapes, ribbons, braids, coated cloths, films and glass cloths.

The Carpet Thickness model is provided with a slim probe that penetrates the material tested.  It is portable and the bottom surface of the material does not have to be exposed or moved in order to take a measurement.  This enables measurements to be made on carpets installed over firm surfaces or during a laboratory wear test.

The Standard Model is without the probe and provision is made for the addition of various dead weights to the instrument  to produce specific standard pressures.

Some representative advantages and/or Uses of the Frazier Carpet Thickness Gauge are as follows:

1. Developed to measure the thickness of carpets, rugs and similar material such as sponge rubber while they are in position of use.

2. Measures the thickness of material at a constant pressure of 0.75 pounds/square inch.

3. A Standard Model is available with a series of weights and sizes of presser feet for measurements at a wide range of standard pressures.

4. Relatively inexpensive and simple and convenient to use.

5. Additional custom loads and presser foot sizes can be made to comply with additional testing standards.

The Frazier Carpet Thickness Gauge complies with the requirements and specifications set forth in: ASTM D374, ASTM D885, ASTM Dlll7, ASTM Dl777, ASTM D461, ASTM D418, ASTM D645, D5199; ASTM D6859; DART 120.0; Federal Test Methods Standard #191, Method 5030; and ANSI Standard L14.137-1964.

Existing units with analog dial indicator can be refitted with digital indicator - call for Details

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