The FrazierTM Model 100 Iodine Stabilized Helium Neon Laser System

The Frazier Precision Instrument Company presents the Iodine Stabilized Helium Neon Laser System as the most precise and stable single frequency laser system commercially available.  The Model 100 (based on a design developed at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in its Center for Absolute Physical Quantities) is a portable laser length and frequency standard which performs at the level of one part in ten billion and is used as the United States "de facto" length standard for scientific and technical applications.

The Frazier Model 100 Iodine Stabilized Helium Neon Laser System
Iodine Stabilized Helium Neon Laser System 

Operating Principles

The Model 100 Stabilized Laser System achieves its stability by locking the laser frequency to one of the resonant frequencies of the iodine molecule and using the technique of saturated absorption, rather than to the amplitude of the neon lasing line as other stabilized lasers do.  The result of this is an increase in stability of 5000 which comes about because of the increased immunity of the iodine molecule to environmentally induced disturbances such as temperature, alignment, and tube age.

In addition, the Frazier Model 100 has been designed so that its operation is simple and direct and can be mastered after a relatively short training period.

Instrument Description

The Frazier Iodine Stabilized Laser System consists of two components, the laser and the electronic control system.  The laser frame is made of INVAR for thermal stability and is connected to the cast aluminum base plate through a kinematic mount which isolates the laser frame from distortions of the mounting surface.  The external laser mirrors are fixed to easily adjustable precision tilt plates which allow the laser to be disassembled and reassembled with minimum readjustment required.

The electronic servo control has three control functions: SEARCH - which displays the seven iodine component wavelengths, BIAS - which is used to select the desired component, and LOCK - which closes the servo loop and locks the laser radiation to the iodine component.  The front panel clearly identifies the numerical value of the iodine wavelength components.

Outstanding features of the Frazier Iodine Stabilized Laser include-


Specifications of the Model 100 Iodine Stabilized Laser are as follows:


The Iodine Stabilized Laser has application in the commercial laboratory as well as in metrology and provides traceability to the meter as the standard of length.  This system can be used directly for length measurements (by using interferometric techniques) or by providing direct calibration to other laser interferometer systems.  The calibration function can be accomplished on a one-to-one continuous basis by means of a master-slave type of interface mode or it can be used for the periodic calibration of a number of different instruments.

An additional important application is its ability to provide a standard wavelength for various types of wavemeters used to calibrate dye lasers and spectroscopic measurements.

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