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Model FAP-LP

Frazier Low Pressure Air Permeability Tester

Frazier Low Pressure Air Permeability Tester

Air Permeability Testing Services - Small or Large Quantities & Quick Turn Around

The Frazier®
Differential Pressure
Air Permeability
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differential pressure air permeability tester

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Model FAP-HP

Frazier High Pressure Air Permeability Tester

Frazier High Pressure Air Permeability Tester

Model FAP-F2

Frazier 2000
Electronic Air Permeability Tester

Frazier 2000 Air Permeability Tester

Model FAP-F3

Frazier 3000
Electronic Air Permeability Tester

Model FAP-HP-C & FAP-F2-C

New Compact / Mobile Versions of Model HP & F2

Porta Perm

Model FAP-F2AR

Frazier 2000 Retrofit

permeability, air permeability, density, porosity

Model FAP-F4

Frazier 4000
Electronic Air Permeability Tester

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The Frazier Air Permeability Tester is the defacto standard air permeability testing instrument in industry for quality control, research, development, performance and purchase specifications. This instrument does an outstanding job of measuring the air permeability of any material that can be fitted to the physical dimensions of the instrument. These materials include all fiber products such as paper, felt, nonwoven materials, filters, and even wire cloth.