Frazier 2000TM - Air Permeability Instrument - Models


The Frazier 2000TM is the next generation of Frazier Differential Pressure Air Permeability Instruments.  This new instrument builds on Frazier’s well-known reputation and implements electronic pressure sensing as well as computerized logging and manipulation of the electronic measurements.  The Frazier 2000TM brings a whole new era of reliability and productivity to the field of permeability testing and measurement.  The Frazier 2000TM has all the same features of High Pressure Permeability Instrument in addition to those listed below.

As a service to our existing differential pressure air permeability customers and perspective users, Frazier Co. is offering both a trial & manual version of our Frazier 2000TM software - this software will add limited computerized functionality to existing “Frazier” air permeability instruments in the field as well as demonstrate the features of the new Frazier 2000TM Differential Pressure Air Permeability Instrument.

The Trial version - Frazier 2000TM Trial  - will be free of charge to both air perm users and perspective users.  The software can be obtained on diskette or by download after completing the enclosed form and emailing, faxing, or mailing it to Frazier Co.  This demo version shows all the features of the Frazier 2000TM Air Permeability Instrument & Software; links to the Frazier Company & other relevant websites.  The trial version contains all the same functions as the Frazier 2000TM Lite (manual) version with a limited 45-day free license. FAP0000F2LTTrial

The Manual version - Frazier 2000TM Lite  requires a license fee and is available to registered Frazier Air Permeability Users (licensed per existing instrument serial number).  This version contains all the same data manipulation functionality as the Frazier 2000 minus the sensor collection functions. This version works in conjunction with existing High or Low Pressure Frazier Air Permeability instruments with no hardware modifications (air flow manometer readings are manually input). In this version the user can: FAP0000F2LT

·       Input existing nozzle calibration data

·       Print out expanded calibration chart

·       Print out metric calibration charts

·       Perform automatic altitude corrections

·       Manually input multiple airflow manometer readings taken & print out lists of airflow results (this function alone will pay for the cost of the software quickly)

·       File & export airflow results to spreadsheets & statistical data analysis programs

·        Convert airflow results from English to Metric & Metric to English

·        Differential pressure can be targeted resulting in airflow reading or airflow can be targeted resulting in differential pressure reading

The Full version - Frazier 2000TM - is sold in 2 models (Models A & AR) and contains all software and hardware needed to connect to PC (not included) & begin testing.  Benefits of the New Frazier 2000TM:

·       Benefits listed above for the “Lite” version

·       Computer collected & stored airflow sensor readings

·       Reduction of operator error through computer averaging of each reading

·       Repeatability of electronics are verified w/ comparison to manometers

·       Electronic sensors can be calibrated by the user to match manometer readings and therefore can be shown traceable to original NIST calibration procedures

·       Normal operation of instrument w/ oil manometers turned on or off (oil can not overflow in off position)

The Frazier 2000includes the standard Frazier High Pressure Air Permeability Instrument, Frazier 2000 Sensor Unit, Power & Data Cables.  (PC not included). FAP0000F2A

The Frazier 2000includes the Frazier 2000 Sensor Unit, Power & Data Cables, connection kit, & mounting brackets.  This model is designed to be an adaptation to Frazier Co.'s existing line of High & Low Pressure Air Permeability Instruments adding Frazier 2000TM functionality.  This model can be connected to existing Frazier Air Permeability Instruments in the field by the user w/ minimal tools & expertise. This unit includines (1) setup/connection kit (PC not included). FAP0000F2AR

Setup/Connection kits for use w/ addition air permeability instruments are available for $349/per kit for each instrument.  Kits contain – new install/ license disk, line connectors & tubing, instrument nozzle calibration data.  (FAP0000F2ARSC)

Additional special nozzle data file - $100 per nozzle (FAP0000F2NS00MM)

The Frazier 2000TM can be operated from any PC with PentiumTM/586 – 200 mhz. or higher processor utilizing Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT 4.0TM or later operating system, which has an available RS232 (COM port) serial port, 32 MB RAM and 2MB free hard drive space with a monitor set to 1024 x 768 minimum resolution in “millions of colors.”

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