Frazier Air Permeability - Universal Specimen Holder - FAP-USH-6


The Universal Specimen Holder FAP-USH-6 is an add-on accessory for the Frazier Differential Pressure Permeability Instrument that is used to increase the instrument’s versatility in checking the permeability of depth type materials. The FAP-USH-6 is one version of the Universal Specimen Holder (FAP-USH) for rigid and semi-rigid specimens up to 6" (152 mm) in thickness. With the addition of the FAP-USH-Mesh unit, loose material may also be tested.

General Description of FAP-USH Family of Specimen Holders.



Universal Specimen Holder Base (can be used with other types of Frazier Custom Specimen Holding Devices) – Model FAP-USH-6-Base:

Universal Specimen Holder – Model FAP-USH-6-Holder

Universal Specimen Holder Sleeve – Model FAP-USH-6-Sleeve

Universal Specimen Holder Mesh Unit (for testing loose materials) – Model FAP-USH-6-Mesh


Needed for Testing according to ASTM C522:

FAP-USHc-6 (not shown - call for details) is a canister based unit for finer materials.  This unit uses the standard FAP-USH-6-Base with a "canister type" FAP-USHc-6-Holder and "canister type" FAP-USHc-6-Sleeve.  Reusable canisters of different sizes can be used.   Canisters keep finer particles contained while loading and unloading the unit. This also allows for loading and unloading of samples into canisters while other canisters are in the unit being tested.

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Guide for use of the FAP-USH-6

Universal Specimen Cutter for cutting 3.5" dia samples up to 6" thick for use in the Universal Specimen Holder.