Introducing the Frazier 2000TM

Air Permeability Instrument

2 August 1999 

The Frazier Precision Instrument Company, Inc. is pleased to announce the development of the new Frazier 2000TM Air Permeability Instrument.  This new version of the Frazier TM Air Permeability instrument now utilizes a computer interface, digital data output, and has an improved response time.

The Frazier 2000TM has been enhanced to utilize new sensor technology for more rapid acquisition of data in a digital format.  The advantages of this new instrument include ability to interface with a personal computer, reduced opportunity for operator error, no need to manually look up readings in calibration charts, and automatic interpolation of readings for more accurate data.  The new Frazier 2000TM is available as a new instrument or as an adaptation to permeability equipment manufactured by Frazier Precision Instrument Company currently in the field.

The Frazier 2000TM can be operated from any PC with Pentium TM/586 or higher processor utilizing Microsoft Windows 95TM or later operating system, which has an available RS232 (COM port) serial port.

The current sales price for the Frazier 2000TM is $15,398.00  including software (PC not included).  Modification of an existing Frazier TM air permeability instrument, either high pressure or low pressure, to the equivalent of the Frazier 2000TM is $5,459.00.  Modification can be easily accomplished by user on site with minimal time & tools.

The new Frazier 2000TM will be demonstrated at the March 2000 ASTM meeting in Charlotte,  North Carolina.  For further information please call Frazier Precision Instrument Co., Inc. at (301)790-2585.

Updated information will be published to: as it becomes available.  All prices subject to change.

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